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Storage & Shelving

Shop Containers & Organizers

Increase floor and storage space in your facilities and improve product mobility between workstations. We have a wide variety of storage bins, totes, and organizers that are foldable, stackable, corrugated, and so much more.

Designed to withstand heavy-duty use and keep you organized.

Ideal for larger items such as heavy-duty machinery and products.

Allow for easy and accessible picking and storage of inventory.

Keep the smaller items and parts secure and neatly catalogued.

Increase floor space and access to paints, fluids, and pesticides.

Prevent damage to your technology and delicate machinery during transport.

Shop Types of Shelving

No matter what environment you’re working with, we have different materials and shelving finishes to help you store inventory and supplies.

Shop Types of Lockers

Outfit your business, health club, or medical facility with secure and personalized locker options for your employees and guests.

Shop Racks and Rack Accessories

Build up your storage with our racking solutions designed to keep supplies, bins, inventory, and other materials organized and highly-accessible.


Storage & Shelving

If you need industrial storage solutions for your commercial space, Global Industrial can supply that. From heavy-duty storage shelving and pallet racks to storage lockers and bins, we have what you need to keep your workspace clean and tidy. We also have storage solutions for specific uses like tool storage, bike storage, deck boxes, and food storage containers. Plus, shop a variety of storage and shelving accessories.