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Achieve the right amount of air pressure and performance in any pump, compressor, fan, or conveyor with any one of our electric motors.

Equipped with precision ground gears for better rotation and quieter operation, they are ideal for a wide variety of motor operations.

Available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit various needs, users can adjust the speed and force while they are running.

Ensure the right amount of power is being delivered. Ideal for auto mechanics and other industrial and commercial applications.

Made of durable chrome steel for long lasting durability, our bearings support high precision and high-speed applications.

Provide workers with safer operation of air presses, drill fixtures, clamping fixtures, cylinders, valves, or light assembly equipment.

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Motors & Power Transmission

Keep your motors running with Global Industrial. We can supply the equipment, parts, and tools you need for the maintenance and care of your motors and power transmissions. From gas engines and electric motors to V-belts and pullers, we have what you need to make sure your machines can get the job done. We also have a wide variety of bushings, bearings, hydraulics, and pneumatic system components like two-stage air compressors and compressor tanks.