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You don’t have time to wait for a re-stock or a backorder, which is why, at Global Industrial Healthcare Solutions, we stay ahead of schedule. We are standing by to help you increase efficiency with new storage room equipment and furniture that helps upgrade your waiting areas for a more professional look. We offer floor scrubbers for a quiet and more sanitary clean up process and we carry a wide variety of material handling tools like pallet jacks and carts to help move food, supplies, and other equipment in and out quickly.

A Healthy Practice Deserves Healthy Inventory

Take control of your stock and inventory while keeping it safe and secure. With our wide assortment of containers, bin, organizers in an array of sizes, materials, and configurations, you’ll find the perfect solution that you’ve bin looking for.

Give your visitors and residents a comfortable place to get a breath of fresh air and sunshine. From benches to picnic tables to umbrellas and canopies, Global Industrial Healthcare Solutions have the products that allow you to create comfortable & customized outdoor spaces.

Outfit storage & janitorial closets with shelving of all kinds to keep areas neat and organized. Organized areas not only improve efficiency by making items easier to find, it also reduces accidents & spills while making re-ordering faster.

Allow personnel and staff to roll an assortment of medical implements, computers, and equipment from one room to another. Utilizing specially-made carts & trucks improves efficiency, helps to prevent accidents, and decreases waste from dropping sterile items.

Design Your Hospitals Facility

Facility Maintenance

Exam / Patient Room

Is Your Lab Ready To Ramp Up Operations? Here Are 6 Ways We Can Help.

Being able to work nimbly and effectively is critical to laboratory investigation. The lab is a resource that should help research teams get ahead—not hold them back due to a lack of features and functionality.

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