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Durable, corrosion and chip resistant, and virtually maintenance-free, our service carts are a great way to increase mobility in your warehouse, commercial, or industrial workspace.

Easily transport and secure handling of waste, equipment, or materials. Corrosion resistant, they’re ideal for use in warehouses, distribution, and shipping centers.

Automatically dispose of hazardous contents or materials for safe waste removal in commercial properties, medical facilities, and more.

Provide convenient, mobile, and corrosion-resistant storage for your facility, warehouse or commercial business.

Keep your manufacturing, packing and shipping facilities running smoothly with supply carts that can mobilize your materials.

Durable, versatile, and ergonomic, our workstations are perfect for use in offices or urgent medical care facilities.


Why Shop Global Industrial for All Your Carts & Trucks?

On-the-go Productivity

It can be a warehouse or small workshop, we have solutions that get things rolling from room to room.

Reinforced Safety

Whether it's the lightest or heaviest load, we have products that help transport them with ease. 

Mobile Storage Done Right

Providing safe and ergonomic product lines to move, lift, and transport light or heavy loads with ease in warehouse, distribution or shipping centers.

Carts & Trucks

Find the heavy-duty transportation equipment you need from Global Industrial. Shop dollies, utility carts, and hand trucks for material handling, transporting, and more. We also have a wide inventory of forklift attachments and accessories, pallet trucks and jacks, and platform trucks.