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Global Industrial Healthcare Solutions knows that keeping your patients out of the hospital and in good health is your top priority. We can help keep your facility clean, organized, and stocked with the right solutions and tools to be efficient and at the top of your game.

Don’t Wait for a Supply Closet Emergency

Take control of your stock and inventory while keeping it safe and secure. With our wide assortment of containers, bin, organizers in an array of sizes, materials, and configurations, you’ll find the perfect solution that you’ve bin looking for.

Choose seating that’s not just comfortable and easily compliments your space but with puncture and wear-resistant surfaces that are also easy to sanitize. Whether you’re outfitting a waiting room, office, or exam room, we’ve got seats, stools, and benches that will take a load off your mind…and your feet.

Allow personnel and staff to roll an assortment of medical implements, computers, and equipment from one room to another.

Designed specifically for the healthcare industry, our assortment of medical refrigerators and freezers keep temperature-sensitive medication & vaccines in the perfect environment to stop them from spoiling.

Design Your Healthcare Facility

Visitor Area / Waiting Room

Laboratory / Pharmacy

Global Industrial: The Solutions Behind The Outcomes

When you look around an ambulatory health care facility, you’ll no doubt see a few things that, well, you’d expect to find there. Like the patient beds, physical therapy rooms full of exercise equipment, and small labs filled with diagnosis equipment like filtered PCR enclosures.

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